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The SDM Sales Concept


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Strategic Focal Points

  • Equipment and full-system design and manufacturing capacity.
  • Establishment of strategic commercial partnerships through the signing of exclusive distribution and agency contracts with top international companies to generate synergies for end customers and for these companies.
  • Generation of pre- and after-sales services with high added value.
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Combined Sales Network

SDM operates in the market throughout the entire commercial process, from the initial phase of basic project engineering design to the end user, including after-sales.

Direct Management (Key Accounts)

Called Key Accounts, these are three groups of businesses with characteristic activity which requires highly specialised commercial technical management:

  • Major Engineering Project and Construction (EPC) companies in the water-treatment sector.
  • A number of system integration companies.
  • Major companies in the oil and gas sector.

Indirect Management (Distributors)

The distribution network is a sales channel that enables SDM to pinpoint highly effective management of the entire chain of activities needed to afford an optimal service to our end customers, ensuring maximum market coverage.

Advantajes of working with SDM (Key Accounts)

  • In-depth technical and commercial knowledge of the Water Treatment and Industrial markets.
  • Availability of a Combined Sales Network based on the principle of specialisation and comprising an in-house sales team responsible for serving customers who meet a series of specific characteristics (Key Accounts Management) and an exclusive Local Distributors Network that covers 100% of the territory of Spain and Portugal and numerous countries in the rest of the world.
  • Increased capacity to generate bids through the creation of more comprehensive product and service packages.
  • Local coordination of the entire Sales Administration process, from bid issues to Payment Management, using preferential communications channels with the different Suppliers.
  • Local coordination of all services associated to after-sales activities, such as spare parts management, technical services and/or claims and warranties management.

Advantajes of working with SDM (Distributors)

  • Ability to set up Distribution agreements with leading international firms.
  • Highly specialised pre-sales technical support.
  • Coordination of all after-sales services for equipment and services supplied by the companies we represent.
  • Coordination of logistics operations with the companies we represent, maintaining preferential communication channels with them.
  • Belonging to a Community of Distributors that allows for the development of joint commercial and customer support activities, such as the global management of a spare-parts stock.