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With over 20 years of accumulated experience, we work with clarity to provide integral solutions of liquid dosing, agitation and liquid transfer to an industry committed to treating and caring for our source of life; water.

This is why we work with transparency; to be the channel where different industrial sectors will always find a source of value and efficiency.

A source that combines:

SDM’s trajectory and strategic vision for project management and building commercial alliances through exclusive distribution agreements with first class international companies.

The ingenuity and knowledge of DMT to design and create integral solutions for handling of fluids.

The experience and capability of 2BS to adapt to the installation and commissioning of the solutions developed by the group.

ADI’s collaborative innovation on research and development of solutions for operational difficulties that emerge in the different industrial processes.

Thanks to this integration where highly specialized trading services are combined with designing and manufacturing capacity, with a deep technical and commercial knowledge of the market – we’ve consolidated ourselves as a team in national and international expansion.

With over 150 projects completed around the world, offering reliability that guarantees optimal operation levels of our solutions, allows us to become a safe and reliable source for customers associated to the water treatment sector and the industry in general.


Success Stories

Large number of references in projects executed around the world

Executed Projects
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